Thursday, January 3, 2013


ARCHSLAYER---WARRIOR OF GOD (REVEALING TRUTH): SCOTT HUGHES: Adulterer (bi-sexual?) Surprise!!: Ole Scooter has a secret he doesn't want anyone to know about, what a sur p rise!!! Scooter , who we all know i s a fraud and liar has m...

SCOTT HUGHES: Adulterer (bi-sexual?) Surprise!!

Ole Scooter has a secret he doesn't want anyone to know about, what a surprise!!! Scooter, who we all know is a fraud and liar has moved it up a notch. 
He's been dipping his tiny pen in the company ink, so to speak. One of his fellow veteran harassers Cherie Lynn seems to have caught this perverts eye. 
Cherie Lynn ( a face only a mother could look at and not puke) seems to have had a diddle session or two with Scooter.
We thought this would shock his supposed wife Rena, but turns out she knows all about it. She made Scooter promise to keep it secret, you know off the pages of Facebook; she should have known better than to trust Scooter, he just had to brag about it to one of his buddies and so on and so on. 
We saw this a long time ago in their secret group, how she stuck up for Scooter in her comments, when one of his group members accused him of having NO integrity. 
Well Cari was quite correct, Scooter has NO integrity and NO honor. She did well in accusing Scooter of lacking in this department. A man that cheats on his wife in his own home is beyond lowdown, it's a shame that Rena had to find out, but she did. Poor Scooter. 
Now the secret is out Scooter, we would want to keep that affair as secret as possible, oh the humanity!!! Ha.
Scooter is trying to cope with all the publicity he's getting in his hometown of Spencer West Virginia. 
Now the people of Spencer are looking closely at ole Scooter, they had no idea that this person living among them was such a scumbag; and they aren't too happy about it at all. 
On top of his bad behavior on Facebook (harassing veterans, stalking children, vile, terrible, nasty words of hate spread all over). He's kept his secret harassing life a secret to the residents of this small hamlet, but now they know who and what he is in real life. 
We told you that Scooter was a Stolen Valor hitman, which BTW KelliJo doesn't mean the "mafia" idiot. The mafia would chew him up and spit him out if he weren't hidden in the hills of Spencer. Deep in the woods, where else can you safely cook meth?
Rena has played the part well of loving and forgiving wife, but does she know that you and Cherie Lynn are still diddling? We doubt it. Did ya cry for forgiveness when she found out Scooter? Did you promise it would never happen again? You and your promises, are worthless, she should know that by now. 
Now, Scooter is proudly using the potbelly pics as his background cover on Facebook; just to make everyone think he's laughing and not crying. Classic case Scooter. 
You broke your promise to her, twice.First, you said it wouldn't happen again, and then promised no one would find out. Liars can't help themselves, and you are chief of the posing liars without a doubt. 
Check out Scooter's conversation (Rena included) on his Facebook page about how he's not bothered at all about what we say. We bet her attitude towards you will change a bit after this, butthead
Scott Hughes: Pervert, LIAR, harasser of Veterans, Adulterer, and so much more. 
As before, we have said it over and over again, QUIT HARASSING HONORABLE VETERANS, QUIT LYING, COME OUT OF THE CLOSET. You aren't fooling anyone.  


Wednesday, January 2, 2013


ARCHSLAYER---WARRIOR OF GOD (REVEALING TRUTH): MINNESOTA NATIONAL GUARD: John Cook, harasser of P...: We know Johnny t hat your female profiles that you use to t rap children and innocents in your we b of lies does not include Cl eopatra, t...

MINNESOTA NATIONAL GUARD: John Cook, harasser of PTSD veterans

We know Johnny that your female profiles that you use to trap children and innocents in your web of lies does not include Cleopatra, that belongs to your buddy Eric C Peterson (peckerhead for short). But we were just making a point smart guy. 
You are a disgrace to the Guard, and to the men and women that serve in the Guard. We know you are the exception with all of your brainless attempts to spread your lies on the internet, it's not going to please your superiors one bit. 
Bringing shame to all in your unit, and the Minnesota Guard itself. 
Nothing you have written is true, and you damn well know it. You have lied to everyone including yourself, thinking you are some kind of a hero, when it's all in your head
You may be smart, but you're not very intelligent Johnny. You hide behind your multiple profiles like Milvet, OEFvet and so on. Not to mention the female profiles, now there is some Honor being displayed - NOT. 
No one changed the words screen captured in your name. That is all you meathead. You and your shameful band of bastards are the ones that use Photoshop to spread lies, not us. The sad part is that you really believe you are better than everyone else, that too is  a delusion Johnny boy. 
Your friends must all be stupider than mud to believe a word you say. They know you falsely claimed that you contacted the State of California, IRS, FBI (well, that one was true; they were laughing with us when they told us what you tried to do, ha). 
Once again you bring up your proven lies to light and once again they fall for it. That would be funny if it weren't so tragic, tragic in the sense that they know for a fact you did lie and continue to lie and still put credence in what you say. 
Talk about failures in life, you are the poster boy son. You obviously have no respect for yourself or the Guard to continue harassing REAL DEAL veterans who suffer from PTSD. 
Let's see how pleased the Guard is with you now, this is about to get interesting. Seeing if the Minnesota Guard will let you slide again or stomp the stupid out of you for causing all this bad (going to the presses) publicity on them
We think the Guard will do the right thing and set you straight as they should have done the first time round. But you are just too stupid to get it aren't you? You don't use lies to attack fellow veterans. It doesn't matter if someone peeled potatoes or set trip wires idiot, we all took the Oath (which you seem to have forgotten). 
Attacking combat vets like Dallas Wittgenfeld doesn't make you a hero jerk, it makes you a liability. Who else would you betray? Since you don't have the good sense to understand that others gave their all for their Oath, and you play games; it must be the kid in you. But still doesn't excuse your disgraceful actions. 
You may find it hard to find work in the future when people see what you have done to fellow veterans. The Guard does not need stalking creepos like yourself. America needs REAL heroes not wannabes like yourself. Shame on you for betraying your Oath. 


ARCHSLAYER---WARRIOR OF GOD (REVEALING TRUTH): SCOTT HUGHES: Perverted, demented, harraser of Vet...

ARCHSLAYER---WARRIOR OF GOD (REVEALING TRUTH): SCOTT HUGHES: Perverted, demented, harraser of Vet...: Scott Hughes is a t otal fake. His dementia has reached new h eights thes e past few weeks. Using profiles other th an his o wn to do his ...

SCOTT HUGHES: Perverted, demented, harraser of Veterans

Scott Hughes is a total fake. His dementia has reached new heights these past few weeks. Using profiles other than his own to do his nasty work of spreading lies on the internet. 
He's been kicked off FB and his groups and pages deactivated due to his harassing of REAL DEAL veterans. His main objectives these days is to steal money through donations posed as a raffle. 
Accusing others of doing exactly what he does for real. Scamming folks for their hard earned money. Of course the winner of his scamming raffle just happened to be one of the few friends he has left on FB.
He claims to be a Marine, but Marines are not chicken shits as this POS has proven to be. They may not be perfect(who is?), but they are men of Honor and deserve better representation than this pot smoking pervert that harasses Honorable men
He posts comments to pages that are veteran oriented like FB page PTSD, and Veteran's Affairs. But changes his profile to inactive after posting his garbage. How brave of you!!!
Your hometown residents of Spencer West Virginia are not pleased with your actions towards veterans nor your silly games of posing as other people to post your lies. It puts them in a bad light, how long do you think they will put up with your bad behavior? Better hide that stash of drugs you keep so close to you. You can bet the city managers are looking closely at you now. Bringing all that unwanted criminal activity to their clean streets. Shame on you. If anyone needs to watch out for who's knocking on the door, it should be you. 
City of Spencer, West Virginia. Hughes is NOT their hometown hero 

The picture above shows the real you, pot belly,blurry eyes (you are obviously stoned in this picture) and all. 
Keep up all the lying Scooter, your big mouth has said it all.  
You've lost all credibility loser, no one outside of your Orwellian group of posers (who know how messed up you really are) pays any attention to you. Even they are losing patience with you. Nathan, now that's a creative profile. Ivan is even better, you went a little overboard in speaking like a dolt and all. Ivan speaks as though he's a bit touched in the head or maybe it's cause like Jethro Boudin he's a graduate of 3rd grade. Either way, you are caught and bought. Quit smokin that dope, idiot. And leave the kids you stalk alone. 
You know everything you have in your AoS is BS, we know it, and the powers that be know it all too well. As your family friend (who refuses to talk to you anymore because of your vile lies and assaults against real veterans) put it so well; stop doing what you're doing, it's shameful and disgraceful
You aren't performing a service, you are covering up your own shortcomings by gay-bashing and stalking children, something a REAL Marine would NOT do.