Monday, November 19, 2012


Lawsuits, lawsuits, what to do? This is what happens when you LIE about someone as the Orwellians have.
John Giduck has one of the first solid cases against the slayers and poser hunters on Facebook, American Legion blogs with "writers" of such low character, and idiots like their best bud Scott Hughes. 
The first of many lawsuits. Many more are on the way. Thanks to us and all our hard work. Yes, us; we are many. 
Just reap what you have sewn, and quit crying. Bla bla bla, that is the nonsense that you are spewing. It's going to cost you more than just your tarnished reputations, which among the true veterans and active duty military couldn't be much worse. But it will be. 
You have done the same thing to Dallas Wittgenfeld. Harassed, LIED, sidestepped, and threatened;even though he has been thoroughly vetted and cards are on the table.  
You know you have done wrong, and yet are not men enough to admit you were wrong. You are gutless cowards with no regard for right or wrong. 
You are so stupid (all of you Orwellians), that you have revealed through the mil-kooks at the Burn-Pit; the connection between YOU, Pownetwork (disgraced, now under legal siege, Lying bastards -Proven), Facebook "slayers" and the Fake Warrior (back up for the defunct Pownetwork) website. 
Through your own words and Screen Captured comments on your girly blogs, have done our work for us. We have offered all we have ON YOU and the OTHER ORWELLIANS in this circle jerk of LIES and defamation you have created. 
You all owe Dallas Wittgenfeld an apology for harassing him publically as you all have. It's all documented and part of the discovery stage of a few lawsuits pending. 
We are taking this one at a time, but you will all answer for your crimes; of that there is NO doubt. 
John Giduck's Defamation Lawsuit  

This is just about to get interesting. The fun part will be watching you squirm and wriggle, around all the evidence mounted against you. Lies won't save you in court. We only hope for your sakes, that you have a better lawyer than Mark C Seavey to represent you. He's an utter ass, not to mention an idiot (oh hell, I just did). Well, to we who have read his lies it's no secret he's an idiot.  He is a harasser of fellow veterans, a slayer by his own words and deeds. His entourage are not compiled of a brain trust, lack of IQ and morals all of them. The Gomer Pyle company, as we call you bastards.  What else would you expect from a keyboard warrior?
Good times. Yes, very good times. You may want to start the apology line now for Dallas, whom you have cyber-bullied and threatened with physical harm (aren't you so brave?) on open pages in Facebook and in your ridiculous American Legion sponsored blog. If you survive the first waves of lawsuits (which is highly unlikely) you still have to face the many others coming. 
See ya, wouldn't want to be ya.