Saturday, December 1, 2012

JONN LILYEA: Green on green (part III) Ultimate betrayal

Jonn Lilyea: American Legion endorsed Mil-kook gone mad or simply a hit man (his weapon--a keyboard) for the Orwellians (which the American Legion is an intricate part of).
It didn't take long for us to figure out just how screwed up in the head this outspoken "poser" with a keyboard was.
We saw others speaking truth about him on the internet, and it wasn't pretty.
A classic case of embedded psychological issues breaking through to the surface with each post or comment he has made. He can't hide his hidden side anylonger.
While "on duty" in Afghanistan, this sub-moron began his assaults on Dallas Wittgenfeld (a decorated Vietnam Veteran who is also a victim of PTSD). Using the same bundle of lies his Facebook counterparts - "the slayers" used to justify their assaults on Dallas. 
All of them (the Orwellians) stand for nothing honorable, they enjoy attacking anyone they dislike, and Dallas was on their hit list, so this jerk joined them with his American Legion endorsed blog "Burn Pit". Slashing, scratching, foaming at the mouth type of illogical rantings; with NO basis in fact. 
Pownetwork (one leg of the Orwellian conspirators) disgraced beyond saving, because of all the lies they had posted to their walls, lies they knew were lies. Untouchable, or so they thought. The rope of justice placed around their own necks by their own actions. They had to come up with another plan to keep the scam money coming. So they branch out with a different website, to protect themselves from the law. Nice plan, however flawed from the start. Simply taking posted lies from Pownetworks disgraced walls to the walls of this new website will not save them from the injustice they have served out throughout the years. 
Pownetwork, had been caught with their own words. Changing the name doesn't change the situation or the crimes they have committed -- accusations, Facebook Screen captures of their victims was pretty much all they had to offer. When the evidence was offered to them showing they were wrong in defamation of certain veterans they had called "wannabes", they would acknowledge their postings were mistakes, but left the lies upon their walls out of spite.
They alone, have scammed so many victims throughout the years, alleged payoffs, demanded by them to remove the fraudulent information from their walls. Sharing of information with their Facebook lackeys, "slayers", they contributed to the crimes the "slayers" committed. Open harassment of victims on Facebook began with the blessings of the Black widow Mary Schantag. Of course money exchanged between them for whatever purpose they may have come up with(it costs money to order FOIAs), it still seems to constitutes a conspiracy to commit a crime. One good reason to change the format and websites, to  protect them from coming lawsuits. It's not working that way, however. It has actually helped us with our lawsuits. In so many ways. 
We love the fact that scumbuckets like Jonn Jonn and his partner in crime Mark Seavey have given us all we need by their own words in their American Legion endorsed blog "Burn Pit". Check this out, and tell us that this "person" represents you. Homophobic, hates women, attacks fellow veterans with no concern for truth. Like we said classic case here in Jonn Jonn. 
Jonn Jonn says "faggots and women are unfit for combat" and he calls this the face of a broken army.  
His words are demented, and it seems to be something that is over his head in conceiving the fact it is he and his like minded "cult" followers that are the real perpetrators of his claimed "broken army" diatribe. 
Examine for yourselves, is this "person" someone you want speaking for you? And keep in mind this demented sub-moron is the voice of the American Legion.
Keeping Dallas from the Gala that he is part of by act of Valor, is this what our military has come to? Actually, it's not our military but mere civilians who are telling Dallas he is not welcome. 
If you support the Mil-kooks, or are a part of the Orwellian triad of hate being represented by Schantag, the Legion leadership, and the chicken shit "slayers" on Facebook; you should re-examine your priorities. 
This Band of Bastards are now beginning to feel the backlash of all their actions. Lawsuits are the beginning. Warning to all involved even as support, you are putting yourself out there as supporting the attacks on fellow veterans. 
With the very first "mistake" of calling a veteran of "posing or embellishing" who is not, you have lost all credibility. You are committing shameful acts against a brother. You are better than that. Some like Scott Hughes and Billy Lumpkin and his senior chief, know what they are doing and think it's the right thing, even though they KNOW they have lied themselves many times to trap individuals. They feed it to you like chattel, and you eat it up. 
We have showed you their words and revealed only some of their actions. 
Make no mistake, this is a cult environment. Like it or not you are part of this cult if you continue to support these "posers". For it is they who are the true "posers". Are you one too? 
What may have started out as a righteous mission has turned bad, very very bad. Are you getting your piece of the action? Bash a vet for money. We hope you are proud of yourselves.